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In Katarsia we have a wide variety of treatments and options available so you'll be able to feel and look good

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Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes 566, Principal 2a, 08011. Barcelona, España

acupunturE and

neural therapy

Therapy based on the insertion and handling of sterile needles in strategic energetic spots throughout the body spots to stimulate body balance

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ozone therapY

Oxygenate your body by inserting O3 in its purest state, improving the functioning of the blood circulation and many more benefits

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detox nutrition and ortHomolecular medicine

The body needs to perform correctly to reach its complete welfare and a conscious nutrition regime is essencial to achieve it

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Dr. recovery + IV Therapy

Your body needs trace-elementos, vitamins and minerals, and sometimes the food we eat doesn't provide enough. We offer all this and more through our IV therapies

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DERMOCOSMETIC beauty and antiaging

We add the ideal match between natural products, manual approaches and equipment to take care of your beauty and health

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chronic pain treatment

We have for you integrative and non-pharmacological complementary therapies for the treatment of painful and long lasting conditions

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Who we are

Katarsia in an integrated style of life andwe look forward to improve our patients' lives, always connecting with the healing power of nature

What we do

Our treatments are entirely natural and manage to create an internal and external balance within our patients, intensifying the renewing available within their bodies.

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